Chao Kan

P1 Leavening

A bake house is designed within the context of the woodland near the Rivelin Valley. The lodge is designed for response to the site. With the sequence of going up, people approach to the meeting room with sloping roof scape and feel close to the nature. The ground oven is placed in the centre of the lodge, creating a cosy and comfortable atmosphere.





P2 Garden Library

The Garden library was designed to meet the local demand for a place of sharing horticultural experience, and it can provide residents of the neighbouring community with a peaceful retreat as well as a place for gathering information. The initiative idea was to create transparent space in order to maximise natural light. The glazed envelope is applied to the front face, giving the library a sense of openness. Ample views into the library can invite passers-by to enter and look around. The load-bearing steel tubes that rise through every storey represent the trunks to a certain extent. A circular stairwell with steel-frame structure is placed between the two functional parts of the library, and the open plan encourages people to communicate with one another and get involved. At the top, the building in covered by steel grating with hanging vine.



P3 Cohousing scheme

In the context of Heeley housing , I intended to design a vibrant community to activate the neighbourhood. A couple of people interested in the sharing community can participate in the scheme. The potential occupants can work collectively in the construction process, and they will cooking and eating together after they move in. One of the essential elements is to active streets and strengthen social interaction within the wider community. Besides, Caring children and the elderly can make the occupants feel a sense of belonging.