Caroline Williams

Community Theatre

This is a small Community Theatre tucked in a residential area in Hillsborough. Its Facade fits into a row of terrace houses in the street, but behind the scenery it works to connect different parts of the neighbourhood together through drama classes, amateur productions and local schools and churches using the facilities. The main entrance space provides a interesting double height space with stairs travelling up through it up to the bar area with a glazed structured roof, the only sign other than its blackened metal texture that you can tell that this is not an ordinary terrace house.



Falconry Centre

This is a Falconry Education Centre where schools and other groups can come to understand the sport of Falconry and also contains a leather workshop where experienced Falconers can buy supplies. It particularly looks at the joining of novices and experts who can share skills and of the relationship between visitors and the birds through vantage points and walkways. The visitors have to cross the threshold of the stream via a bridge which also provides a point for walkers to cross. It is located in Ringinglow on the edge of the Peak District, a fairly rural setting and is environmentally conscious through its rammed earth walls which have a high thermal mass and its biomass boiler.