Cameron Carrington


I am a architecture student at the University of Sheffield. The way in which I approach my design is very much routed in who I am as a person and the experiences I have been through. Having grown up in South London and then moving up north to Sheffield with its rich industrial history situated right at the foot of the peak district has played its part in marrying my love of being outdoors and in nature with my love for architecture and industry. You can see this bond in all aspects of my design approach. Once I finish my course I would definitely be looking to sink my feet into the world of Green architecture.

P  R  O  J  E  C  T     I  I  I


Burngreaves, Sheffield

 This project required us to design a small community housing complex, that caters for all ranges of unit types (both families and additional domestic groups). The housing scheme had to thrive around a communal facility that would manifest into the existing culture or kick start a new smaller community. Thus I decided to base my manifesto around housing Middle Eastern refugees as I believed they could bring with them a wide variety of teachings and ways of living. I wanted to allow my target audience to have the opportunity to showcase there ideologies of life through food; in the hope that they can re-light the flame of being proud of their origins. At the heart of the project the food that the refugees home cook will be sold in the community kitchen shops, that will run on the weekends to feed back into the pedestrianised street market on Solby street. 

P  R  O  J  E  C  T    I  I


Ancoats, Manchester

  This project explores the way we address public space using the main streets façade. Ancoats felt like a high working class area, with one community shop amongst the prestigious new builds and high rise office buildings. Thus my design brief encourages for more children to populate the area; my public building focuses on exploring spaces rich with broken/diffused light on concrete surfaces to manipulate perception. My theatre aims to showcase magical acts; the front façade is made up of triangular shards of glass to distort the street façade and replicate the same curiosity a magic trick would create. My scheme also offers a chance for the children to learn basic magic tricks in the studios on the top levels of the building; whilst the parents can enjoy the bar on the second floor and the green roof top bar (on top of the double height theatre space).

P  R  O  J  E  C  T    I


Castleton, Derbyshire

This project was a collaboration between Luke Brennan-Scott (a fellow student) and I, where we designed a small dwelling for cavers to setup before and after a cave expedition. The project arrived from the measure drawing of the harness linked to a microscopic study of a rock, as this rock study could also be interpreted as a topography map of our site; leading to our theme of fractals. Thus we decided that our building should play between the fine line of whether the space is constructed from a building or the natural material present. The boundary and thresholds we created as a result were derived from the cave rock bed; the main example of this is the living room space where we see the rock bed protruding through the white concrete wall. The dwelling provides a small kitchen, dormitories and a connection with the traditional camp fire space.