Calin Craiu


P1 – Photography Pavilion
¬†This project was realised as a temporary photography pavilion in Owler Tor, in the Peak District National Park, S-W of Sheffield. It was a collaboration between myself and Yiming Liu, a second-year colleague, though in this online portfolio I only displayed my drawings. The project’s aim was to create a non-intrusive space in nature in which photographers could capture the beauty of the landscape and display their work. The resulting space consists of a temporary ‘burrow’ that is connected to multiple photography modules, that offer optimal framed views to photographers.




P2 – ‘Journey’ Theatre

P2 is a theatre project on Ducie St. in Manchester. The main element of the project is a ‘journey’ that starts on the ground floor and wraps around the building, until it reaches the performance area on the first floor. A play with textures and materials enables the creation of ‘opressive’ spaces that alternate with ‘relief’ spaces, in order to convery the weight of a drama performance.



P3 – Burngreave Housing Project


P3 is a housing project in Burngreave, Sheffield. The neighbourhood is a very diverse area with people of many walks of life residing in it. My proposal for this housing project focuses on creating adaptive spaces through ‘public/semi-public/semi-private/private’ layering, with various degrees of permeability. The main material that was used is timber (CLT structure and wood finishes), in order to provide a noticeable, but not alienating contrast to the brick context. The aim was to create warm and inviting spaces that would encourage residency in the area.