C.H. Julian Wong


C.H. Julian Wong




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Orbit |  Observatory

Higger Tor, Sheffield

 Joint Project in collaboration with Jacqueline Tsang


The ‘Orbit’ is an observatory for educational purpose, located on Higger Tor which includes an activity room, exhibition space, overnight accommodation and an aluminium plated telescope dome for star gazing.

When we first hiked up to the territory, we felt that the layers of terrain textures were the thresholds that accumulated which built up suspense, we wanted to utilise this feeling and the landscape formations to design our observatory as a finale of the journey up to the Higger Tor.

The design incorporates a circular observation facility with a 360° view of the night sky, which gazes over the Peak District and up at the stars, bridging a connection between the land and sky.  The design inspiration originated from the ‘measure’ study, where we acknowledged how the orbitary of stars and constellation are vital in contribution to the development of calendars, refining the calculation method of time. Hence, we wanted to utilise this form to create an interesting hollow interior space for viewers to circulate around for an organic panoramic star gazing experience.

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FACTVM |   Vinyl Record Library 

Northern Quarter, Manchester


FACTVM is a vinyl record library of Factory Records (1978 – 1992) situated in the Northern Quarter, a region which is deeply rooted in the music industry, with prominent acts produced such as Joy Division, New Order and Happy Mondays.  The idea of naming the library after the label’s last exhibition in 2002 intends to extend and amplify the exhibition into a nation- renowned music catalogue,  possibly a museum for Manchester to document and celebrate the cultural significance which the label has contributed.

 Sometimes, we discover good indie records by coincidence.  Hence, the interior design is almost shaped like a micro ‘lost city’, which encourages more special moments through the use of circulation, bridging in between four pocket catalogue spaces around a central void, making the spaces more perforated and communal for exchanging music. The facade mimics the neighbourhoods, but simplified and modernised, mirroring the appearance of underground musicians who could be hidden in plain sight. 

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Allotment x Co-housing | A Productive Community

Burngreave, Sheffield


  Dwellings are designed to be influential for one’s growth, they are where human rituals and habits are developed.  The idea of fusing allotment platforms with living spaces together as a whole intends to promote the acts of  ‘Live, Grow and Share’. It acts as a social apparatus to shape one’s civic responsibility and productivity, passively tackling the deprivation issues as a focus stemmed from my neighbourhood study of Burngreave. 

The design incorporates four family dwellings and three couple dwellings, targeting young families and retired elderlies in order to bridge over the issue of inter-generational gap. The key challenge in this project to me is to utilise landscaping strategy to integrate allotment platforms and pavilion in between the dwellings, so as to create thresholds which would define the residents’ territory, public circulation paths that would encourage neighbourhoods to interact.

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