Portfolio | Bonnie Jackson
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Bonnie Jackson

Working in collaboration with Rebecca Wallace, our task was to design a building which functioned as an observatory, situated within the
beautiful landscape of Higger Tor.

Our design took precedent from the work of Richard Serra, falling into a category between building and sculpture. It aimed to challenge
visitor's perception of space and time, whilst discussing the connections between the cosmos and religion. The scheme encouraged people
of different religious and cultural backgrounds to come together, taking solace in the countryside away from the politicized city to
make use of astronomical equipment, discovering more about both themselves and the universe.




In a city with a historical link to textiles, my vision of Manchester’s Fashion Design Centre aims to expose the innate connection between
architecture and fashion. Offering space to design, create, exhibit and finally sell their creations, the scheme enables young designers
to begin their businesses, with a catwalk serving as a ‘theater’ function. The building’s intentions are epitomized by its kinetic facade,
which moves in accordance with Pavegen flooring throughout the building, acting as a metaphor for fabric manipulation and reflecting the
surrounding buildings with its mirrored finish.



Situated in Burngreave, Sheffield, my ‘Feast’ housing scheme aims to unite the community through the growing, cooking and sharing of food.
The development offers 4 family homes and 4 apartments, along with a community building which features a plant shop, workshop space and a
community fridge. A large courtyard with connections across multiple levels optimizes the chance for social interactions, also offering
space for a community market. Allotments for growing food are also situated here.

The houses and apartments put a focus onto the kitchen table being the ‘heart of the home’, as adjoining units contain a sliding wall
which provides the opportunity for families and individuals to come together to share meals and cooking. Subtle changes in materiality
give a sense of individuality, allowing residents to have pride for their home.