Bethany Bell

P2: Designing a Library for Ropewalks, Liverpool

This Library design has responded to the neighbourhood with regard to its collection. The Culinary Library for Liverpool is fully integrated into the community. Allowing restaurants, culinary students, school children and the local communities to engage in a different way of learning. From interactive learning, to reading, to cooking themselves.

Visual Brief

P3: A Housing Development for Burngreave

This housing project has stemmed from the history of the site. A few decades ago stood a triage of community buildings working together to engage the community of Burngreave. The old Methodist Church has now been demolished however the Sunday school building and Primary School building still remain. It was my hope throughout the project to recollect the space, creating a new pathway to the community buildings and integrating them alongside my community interface; the Youth Centre. There are 6 dwellings on my development: 4 2-bedroom homes and 2 3-bedroom. My manifesto is titled: The Street as an Extension of Living. This will present itself as having large outdoor areas in which people can interact; throughout the day different actives will occur whether private, semi-private or public. This, alongside the gathering for the use of communities buildings, will ensure that the space is constantly used. Encouraging those who live there and the wider community to come together.