Portfolio | Basant Khalil
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Basant Khalil

P1 Building in a Landscape

The brief for my first paired project, with Ana-Maria, was to create a threshold located in Surprise view at the Peak District, which is said to be one of the best attractions for landscape photography in the UK.  Our task was to work in pairs and design a small building to provide equipment and printing facilities for activities and workshops on the site.

P2 Library

My next project was based in Liverpool, Ropewalks. We were tasked to design a Library. Due to the amount of restaurants and pubs in the site, I chose to design a Food and Wine library that could help enhance these places around it further.

P3 Housing

For my last project we were allocated a site in Burngreave, and we were asked to design a housing project to accommodate both families and an additional domestic group. My manifesto aims to unite different families together by employing them in a carpet making workshop which culturally relates to the people of Burngreave. Where residents are able to sell handmade carpets to the public whilst teaching the public about its process.