Azrah Asif-Jussab


Our brief for this project was to design a shelter that provided appropriate living facilities to be used by a group of up to 8 cavers before and after their expedition. Located at Peak Cavern in Castleton this project was done in pairs, with requirements of our work to be primarily pencil drawn and for our proposals to be within 50 – 70 square metres. I worked on this project with Jenna Hobbs. On visiting the site we came across some markings of a previously used campfire on a piece of land adjacent to the path that led to the cave. We felt that it would be a good location to place our building with the threshold being set midway between the neighbouring town and the cave. It allowed us to take forward the concept of having the campfire as the central social space for our shelter to encircle.



For this project we were asked to design a small community theatre building with a genre of our choice. My site was in Ancoats in Manchester, an area which was going through a regeneration period. Thus we were asked to somehow link our theatre to the wider context and surrounding community. I chose to design a children’s theatre with spaces for both performance and recreation (theatre workshops, arts and crafts) to be used by the local youths. I designed my theatre to have spaces that opened up to something more to represent a theme of a ‘big reveal’, with interiors designed to feel like a stage set allowing the internal atmosphere to make the visitors feel as though they are part of a performance.




We were asked to design a housing scheme which accommodated for both families and another additional domestic group which was informed by our personal manifestos. Through my manifesto I wanted to provide affordable housing for Keyworkers, Graduates and Young Professionals. My site for this project was situated in the residential area of Burngreave, Sheffield. This fit in well with my manifesto as the area isn’t too far from the city centre, the site has good transport links and there are quite a few schools and the Northern General hospital is in the neighbourhood. Additional community facilities were also required so taking my target domestic group and their life styles into consideration I designed a gym with a connecting café and a laundrette as part of my scheme.




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