Ayushya Uppal

In my first two years at Sheffield School of Architecture I have been encouraged

to try different methods to approach my design and then test them using a

variety of skills,  from drawing to computer aided design to model making.


Contact: ayushyauppal1997@gmail.com





Joint project with Ivan Velev

The Cycle hub occupies a site on the bank of River Don in Parkwood Springs. The presence of a river and the big stones was a big factor in us choosing the site. The cycle hub is away from the main cycle track and is a surprise for the cyclists who like to explore. The cycle hub has been lifted from the ground to allow water from the River to flow under it,enhancing the experience of the threshold. The visitors are kept aware of their surroundings with an opening which runs all the way around the building.

The cycle hub cantilevers on a steel structure which can be seen from inside the building. We have used Cor-ten cladding to blend in the with the landscape around the building.





Ancoats was one of the main manufacturers of Flint Glass in the early 19th century. There were more than 25 glassworks in Manchester, many in Ancoats. To showcase the history of makers in the area, I chose to design a library where the products from these glassworks could be showcased and at the same time books were provided so people could learn about these products in depth.

The threshold of the library starts with the visitors passing through a dark space and then opening up to the atrium space. The louvres have been set to allow it to have maximum sunlight. Specific openings have been made according to the use they are to serve. There are spaces for exhibits to be showcased on the First and  Second floor along with reading spaces.





Burngreave is considered to be one of the most ethnically diverse neighbourhoud in Sheffield. This diversity can be seen by the variety of food on offer in local restaurants and local trader shops. I chose to develop Burngreave as a local traders market for the people of Sheffield. My scheme consists of a bar, cafe, gym and a multipurpose space which spills out in the courtyard for the people of Burngreave to use. It is followed by 11 apartments of various sizes on top, each having some outdoor space facing towards the south.