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P1: Observatory in the Peak District

This project, located in the rugged heath land of Higger Tor was a design for a space where the night sky could be viewed away from the light pollution of the city.

We designed it to be as much a refuge for walkers in the day, as observatory for astronomical science at night, with a fire-warmed lounge and kitchenette area sunk into the drastic hillside beneath thick walls of solid stone. There is a bunker for scientists to sleep over night, with a mechanism for a telescope to be raised through the floor into the main, circular observatory space: The general public can observe the beauty of the sky through this space during open hours when it is not being scientifically examined.

P2: Theatre

This design is for a site located in Manchester’s bustling Northern Quarter: a busy hub for trendy student shops and places to eat. Given the lack of green space in the area, I thought it important to include a public garden area

My idea was to create a space whereby people can enjoy the quality of live music without the formal confines of a concert hall: chamber music both classical and jazz provides a perfect backdrop for social intercourse and atmosphere away from noise, ideal for reading, or crosswords

The adjacent buildings on the site were consistently 4-5 stories tall along the whole main road, so it made sense for my design to be in keeping with the rhythm of the street. The solution was to raise the single story Cafe-cum-Theatre on steel pilotis, with access through a renovation of the burnt down segment of the adjacent building, allowing for public green space beneath.

P3: Flexible Housing

This is a design for 4 single bedroom units and 4 family units in Burngreave, Sheffield

Each unit contains a transparent timber and glass wing, with a personalisable space protruding into the courtyard. The aim was to provide people with a space specifically to do things for pure enjoyment, without the faff of searching for missing items; clearing the table and then packing up for dinner or simply not having physical space

The courtyard provides public thoroughfare, as well as a communal garden for the residents