Arina Roszali


P1 Leavening

This project required us to design a temporary bakery within the landscape of Rivelin Valley. The bakery had to provide or a teaching space for baking lessons, a wood-fired oven and a café/eating area. With the nature of the site being in a woodland environment, the notion of ‘retreat’ was also taken into consideration when designing the bakery. The bakery was carefully design to correspond with the surrounding nature and the subtle changes in the topography of the site.




P2 The Live Library

For this brief, we are required to redefine the library typology of the 21st century. My site was located in the Sharrow neighborhood in Sheffield. When the neighborhood study were carried out, I found out that there were lack of community involvement and taking this into account, I wanted to design a community library that would serve as a community hub for the neighborhood. Since we needed to reinvent the typology of library as well, I decided to turn the library into a children performing space at night since library are not used in the evening. Hence, this would be a great opportunity for primary school children nearby to showcase their talent and bring the community together.





P3 Heeley Housing

For this housing project, we were required to design for a families and additional domestic group along with a communal space for the residents. Heeley has a strong community spirit but lack of a sense of belonging. The proposed housing design is aim to strengthen the community by building a identity to its residence by creating a communal kitchen where regular cooking classes are held for the residents and also school children which promotes interaction. The space is carefully design  with sum studio future plans in mind; having it directly open opposite with the open communal space in sum studio, this would spur interaction in the neighbourhood which reinforced the sense of belonging in Heeley.



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