Aoife Gilchrist



In collaboration with Alice Latham

“Cycling offers exercise for both body and mind, and the opportunity to reconnect with the sensory reality of the physical environment. We are no longer passive passengers, merely observing. We are completely in contact with it all, never removed from immediate consciousness.” (from the brief)

A small building to act as a pit stop for cyclists along the River Don route; a cycle ‘hub’ as part of a wider strategy for promoting cycling in Sheffield. With the first storey delicately cantilevering over the bicycle path, the hub aims to establish a constant connection with the path and cyclists below. Large scale glazing on both sides of the café area emphasises this link between the users and the landscape in with the building sits.




A small community performance space in the heart of ex-industrial Ancoats. Manchester’s rich and varied musical heritage was the inspiration for a theatre that could accommodate all different types of musical performance. My concept revolves around juxtaposing dynamic social spaces with the simplicity of the performance space. The idea is that as the visitor moves deeper into the building it becomes a more quiet and more revered space, as a backdrop for the musical performance. This concept of hidden space is reflected in the ‘secret garden’ courtyard, glimpses of which can be seen from the street, designed to intrigue the people passing by.





‘the place where a meeting between two realms takes shape, the place where two entities that retain their full individual integrity overlap, where they are simultaneously present.’ (Aldo Van Eyck)

A cohousing development in the Burngreave area of Sheffield. My manifesto was about accommodating growing families, within a community where they could grow (food) together. The number of children and young people in Burngreave is higher than the rest of Sheffield but so is the rate of crime, so  I wanted to create a development that was designed specifically for families and would be considered a safe space for children. Each dwelling in the scheme backs onto a communal pathway that runs through the centre of the site and is surrounded by allotment ‘terraces’. The irregular shapes of the terraces create unique openings and natural meeting points along the path while also zoning specific areas to suggest communal and private space. My community centre is a gardening shop and tool hire facility, as the scheme aims to promote the growing of your own food to families in the wider community.