Antonia Headlam-Morley

P1 – Walkers’ Refuge

















Project one was a joint project to design a walkers shelter in the Peak District, near Castleton. The shelter is designed to mimic the qualities of the hikers who would use it; it focuses on tangible functionality, whilst providing protection from the elements. The building nestles into the hillside, akin to the cairns it was inspired by. Sunken and hidden, it celebrates the landscape it opens up to.


P2 – Theatre

















Project two asked to design a theatre in the northern quarter of Manchester. After researching theatre typologies and exploring the site, my concept become a ‘theatre of debate’. The aim of the building was to become a beacon of light, opinion and speech, while also rooted heavily in its urban environment; a constant amongst the debate it harbours.



P3 – Housing



















Project three asked to design a housing project in Burngreave, Sheffield. After visiting the site and examining it in its context, two aims of my housing project formed; to extend the public space up to my site, and to give the user choice in the design of their home. A line of shops at road level lead the walker up past a communal green space to a paved area that can be used for outdoor markets or events. The houses above are contained by a flexible framework. The ‘base’ facade can be filled with material according to the home owners living habits.