Anthoula Kyriakidi

P1 // Walking // Mount Tor, Sheffield

Walking is not a sport…Walking is the best way to go more slowly than any other method that has ever been found…’

from ‘A Philosophy of Walking, Frederic Gros, Verso, London, 2014

The ‘Walking ‘ Project requested the design of a hiker’s rest stop to accommodate a quantity of elements regarding the given activity. These included, a public shelter from which to observe the landscape and sky, space for cooking and eating as well as sleeping accommodation for a number of people.

In response to the brief, I had made the decision to design a simple form that could be easily integrated in the landscape without it standing out so as to not interrupt the amazing views found on site. Due to the large slope of the site, the scheme was divided into three ‘boxes’ that are balanced between the hill on one site and the lower ‘box’ on the other. Additionally, the scheme can be characterised as sustainable by its use of local materials as well as off grid solutions for waste, heat and water.


P2 // Theatre // Sharrow, Sheffield

‘Me personally, I want to entertain people above all. When you look back at burlesque in history and the real golden age of burlesque, those entertainers were there to entertain, and there wasn’t usually some big political message behind what they were doing.’

Dita Von Teese

Moving on to the ‘Theatre’ project, the design of a theatre of our choice was requested. Thinking back to the golden age of burlesque and comparing it with nowadays, the word ‘burlesque’ has become something almost taboo for younger people and generally associated with strip clubs. The proposed design located in Sharrow aims to bring back the art of burlesque in a community theatre appropriate for all ages, engaging with the audience and reinventing theatre architecture at the same time. 


P3 // Housing // Heeley, Sheffield

‘Housing’ directly relates with the spatial term of the ‘shared’ and as Aldo Van Eucks said [it is]

‘The place where a meeting between the two realms takes shape, the place where two entities that retain their full individual integrity overlap, where they are simultaneously present.’

Housing is an essential element of our lives. This project aimed for the design of a functional housing scheme in a given site accommodating both families and an additional domestic group. The brief gave the opportunity to generate a specific theme that the housing was meant to focus on. An approach towards the shared space offered by the collective nature of the scheme was expected as well as the contribution of the project to the street and to the neighbourhood.

In response to the brief, the housing scheme designed is accommodating for three domestic groups, families, elderly and young people. I decided to focus on the lifetime homes idea found in the design of the family house specifically. The master bedroom is located on the ground floor with no changes in level to provide inhabitants with the opportunity to live in the same house when they get older.

Additionally, another key idea of this design is storage. Since storage is always the thing people need more of I designed these dwellings providing as much storage as possible in the form of cupboards under the stairs, shelves and small storage rooms in walls as well as spaces under seating.