External Perspective (pencil)

Anthony Currie

Print Studio, Padley Gorge

Set against the stunning landscape of the Peak District, the designing of an etcher’s studio was and exciting and joyful task. The main themes for the project were quality of light and the conservation of the natural site. The resultant form is an elegant polycarbonate box which wraps itself around the surrounding trees and undulating ground surface. Purched on short stilts, the building hovers above the forest floor so as not to scar the landscape.





Community Theatre, Attercliffe

To the north-west of Sheffield, Attercliffe has become little more than a through route between the city and Meadowhall shopping centre. I hoped that the introduction of an upmarket performance venue would draw in audiences from across the north of England much like its neighbour the Motorpoint Arena. This influx of people would bring business to the area and in this way support its struggling community.

The grand arches of its facade pay tribute to the extravagance of its predecessor, The Adelphi Theatre; whilst the concrete and steel construction holds true to the industrious past of this once thriving region.





Housing, Heeley

As a town, Heeley appears to lack a social hub; most of the high street units are vacant and those few shops available seem underused and undervalued. This project aims to suggest a model for the social revitalisation of Heeley through housing. Key to the concept is the notion of multigenerational living. By providing a range of housing typologies, the scheme will attract a varied demographic, hopefully resulting in a richer social environment, a sense of family and community. Alongside this, the housing scheme takes positive steps towards economical and ecological sustainability by providing energy efficient dwellings from sustainable material choices.