Anna Wiliwinska

P1 – Caver’s Shelter

This proposal is a shelter for cavers, located in the Peak District, near Castleton. The journey through the building is influenced by the changing perspectives during caving as well as in the surrounding landscape – the minimal use of conventional doors and furniture draws focus to the changing light and expanding/contracting perspectives. Privacy is instead created through the use of angles and integrated furniture.




P2 – Library for Writers

Situated in central Manchester, this scheme explores the idea of a hideout for aspiring creators, especially writers. In terms of functionality, the library provides reference books, hosts talks and workshops, includes a variety of individual and group study spaces and a cafe. However, the building also aims to inspire through its form and atmosphere, with the visitors constantly moving in and out of the inner core, and the atmosphere becoming more and more dream-like the lower you go.




P3 – Housing Project

This project is a housing scheme in Burngreave, Sheffield and it aims to tackle mental health issues, particularly depression and anxiety which is significantly more common in urban environments. The main strategies are creating a sense of community and routine, through shared vegetable gardens and a community-ran bakery. The individual units are also considered with relation to natural light, sense of openness and relationship with nature, as well as creating a temple-like atmosphere which will help the residents to help themselves.