Anna Gregoriou


P1: Observatory

The requirement for P1 was to design an observation facility. I decided to design an observatory that accommodates a professional telescope for astronomers and is also a place where amateurs and people with no knowledge on astronomy can visit and get informed. The design was inspired by the concept and principles of telescopes. Telescopes focus on certain views of space, cosmos and infinity. Controlled by its shape, my building also focuses on selected views of the site which is very much like the space and moon; an infinite space with little vegetation, full of hills and large rocks, with no signs of civilisation. The observatory is cantilevering and is made of timber and whilst it becomes a significant part of the site, it touches the earth lightly.






For P2, we were asked to design a small scale theatre building. I designed a theatre which also becomes an exhibition space. It is called ‘ΚΑΘΑΡΣΙΣ’, an ancient Greek word that describes the feelings of the audience during a theatrical performance. The theatre will gradually help towards the city council’s plan to revive Attercliffe, as it will become an important building of the area and will give a chance for theatre organisations and artists to perform and to display their work. The building uses fair-faced concrete, glass and steel, as well as pre-rusted steel for cladding.






P3: Housing

The requirement for this project was to design a housing scheme to accommodate a mixture of families with children and smaller domestic groups. Having observed that the meaning of ‘community’ has changed throughout the years and the need for it to be in our lives has drastically decreased, I decided to focus on designing a project that promotes a true sense of community.

Phenomena such as mass housing have led people in thinking they live in a ‘community’; an illusion that simply living at the same place with a number of other families and sharing a public space made them a community. I believe this new meaning of the term needs to be reconsidered. Community must never be forced. This is why I designed a set of homes, in a unified environment where they all act as a whole creating a larger home, a community. Having two entrances, people can choose whether to avoid engagement with others or not. Community is not forced and needs to be sought. This means that the relationships created will always be genuine, as people will socialise by choice.