Ane Torgard






Cycling is both an individual and a collective pursuit, and for some a way of life. This project reflects a building designed with a bicycle storage and repair unit and a cafe as part of a strategy for promoting cycling in Sheffield. Located between Sheffield train station and the iconic Park Hill, the building naturally creates a space where the residents of Park hill can store their bikes, whilst it is equally a public space with a cafe and a rooftop terrace with a view over Sheffield city centre. As the design of the building is centred on the needs of cyclists, the key idea is that every part of the building should be accessible via bicycle, from the cafe or the roof.







A library is as an essential place in any city to access a world of information and ideas, a place to dream and learn where you can escape from everyday life. This library is located in the Northern Quarter in Manchester, an up and coming area where new and exciting ideas are developed. The primary function of the library is to be a welcoming, accessible space for families with young children, specifically those with physical disabilities and/ or learning difficulties. Each room is designed with a focus on a sense, with a cafe (taste), a play area with different textures (feel), walls with cones filled with different sounds (hearing), a VR room (sight) and a roof terrace / garden with various plants (smell). The aim of this design was to get each individual child to have about the same experience throughout the building.







Housing is a central element in the everyday life of individuals, the importance of which cannot be understated. Considering this, this housing scheme wishes to incorporate a sense of belonging in a housing community for single parents and single elderly individuals. Located just outside Sheffield city centre in Burngreave, with a focus on self-sufficiency on an urban scale, this community sources their own food and electricity, using natural resources and outside space. There is a community centre which is open to all, with after school activities and communal meals to bring people together with a principle of sharing.