Andreea Triscaru


P1: Observatory

In collaboration with Rianna Grant

The proposed design is a celebratory response to the special location of the observatory which allows visitors to witness a thrilling event during the winter solstice every year. Based on their functions, certain parts of the building may be removed in the future apart from the permanent underground corridor which celebrates the annual event.


P2: Library

P2 Montage



Having Bradbury’s ‘Fahrenheit 451’ as a starting point, a dystopian novel which metaphorically depicts manipulation, censorship and literature destruction through mass media, my scheme proposes a reinterpretation of this partially true idea. Therefore, the library serves as a form of negotiation between mass media, literature and music and it is meant to support a literate society.

P3: Burngreave Housing Scheme

Considering the history of the thriving neighbourhood which would live on Burngreave Road, the scheme I proposed represents a ‘revival’ of the pre-WWII intellectual community in Burngreave.  After scrutinizing the political situation of housing in the UK and identifying young professionals as underprivileged categories of inhabitants, I decided to provide a housing scheme which brings together both families and couples.