Andreea Stanuta

P1: Bike Hub

Joint Project

This design was aimed at commuters, and so accessibility and visibility were key.

We therefore chose to make our building a ‘landmark’ and make sure it was visible, and recognisable with the inclusion of the bike wheel, from as far as possible, as an inviting, warm place, either on their way to work or on their way back home.



P2: Library

This project looks at the concept of a space within a space, taking inspiration from the artist Do Ho Suh.

This was initially influenced by the buildings around the site in Manchester, which ranged from traditional brick and new concrete builds, standing alongside each other, creating an interesting contrast.

The design is built up by layering the floors and playing with translucency between these so that the floors interact and there is a play of light.

P3: Family Housing for People Migrating to the UK

The main three reasons that people migrate to the UK from outside the EU is for a job, to look for work and with or joining family.

This project therefore focused on family homes, with a community function of a workshop specialising in wood and textiles, to teach, or develop already existing, skills, and a new market street to sell the products of this. in order to provide an income and integrate into the wider community.