Amy Kinsella




The site is located in Heeley, a suburb which lies on a hill to the South of Sheffield. My scheme is arranged around a courtyard space containing allotments and a herb garden. I have retained the existing pub on the site and incorporated it into my community dining facility, where residents are able to eat together. The wholefood shop located on the ground floor of my scheme, adjacent to the community kitchen, will stock produce grown in the allotment. The scheme consists of two four bedroom family homes, located towards the South East end of the site and five apartments, located at first and second floor levels to take advantage of the views towards Sheffield.



The brief required the design of a medium sized theatre building in Attercliffe, an area of industrial decline in North East Sheffield. My theatre, ‘The Orb’ serves as a community hub, where the local people can become involved in both the performance and backstage aspects of theatre. 




The brief required the design of a building equipped to house a chicken hatchery and educational space. The site is located in Millhouses Park, a large and well maintained park in the South Western suburbs of Sheffield.  My building sits on the edge of the river towards the less manicured end of the park. The use of Larch cladding echoes the wooded setting of the hatchery.