Amirhossein Daryoushnezhad



many people going through their lives without noticing the sky. The sky and the outer space hold many both discovered and undiscovered mysteries within them, some that we can witness with our bare eyes.

I am proposing to design a monumental pavilion in order to create a national event to celebrate the rare total solar eclipse happening in 2090.



During this project I explored the the significance of a library through reconstruction of memory.

The memory factory is a library that collects its visitors memories and and through time it expands

and growth through the area.





For this project I focused my attention on refugee housing. Starting my manifesto about refugees I further focused on food as an element to integrate refugees into the community of Heeley.

Growing, processing, cooking and selling food became the main aspects of the project which they informed the spacial arrangements within dwellings. Furthermore the connection with nature and neighbours were other important aspects of the design in o. In order to achieve this connection I created a shared courtyard at the back where 3 different families can access it.

The front small courtyard is an adaptable space, turning into a market, providing an opportunity the refugee families to sell food, generate money and support the family financially.