Amelia Mega

P3 : the grow house

“Bit by bit they painted my walls, the ceiling,

Made me in terms of their vision—I was glad.

But signs of time flake down, the walls are peeling,

What is a house when occupants are fled?”

—Philip Hobsbaum, The Pattern of Poetry (196)


Responding to a common housing problem, where families often outgrew their house and has to move away. I am proposing a housing scheme which is intended to accommodate the needs of different people. Flexible units which can be divided or enlarged, as well as a new community centre to settle and grow. The central courtyard is intended for communal food growing/selling/cooking usages as well as the core space where the houses can extend onto.

The design is very much influenced by the existing and surrounding building on site—masonry, timber and planting as the main visual of the scheme.



P2 : theatre of the youth

A theatre specific to the condition of the site in Darnall, an area of mixed culture and ethnicity. By creating a space where mostly younger generation can participate in making a performance, the theatre will be a centre of regeneration and exploration, whilst the semi outdoor bar area is intended to be a social glue for the population of Darnall.




 P1 : into the wild

forage /ˈfɒrɪdʒ/ = search (a place) so as to obtain food

A small temporary structure designed to welcome people to the foraging site in Gleadless Valley as well as giving them the means to process the foraged goods. The process is closely related to the senses: viewing across the meadow, the smell and touch of the wilderness, and the hearth in the centre of the learning and cooking process.


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