Amber Seipel

Amber Seipel

Second Year Portfolio 

Sheffield School of Architecture


P1- Hatchery

Millhouses Park, Sheffield

Project one was the task of designing a building to accommodate up to 40 chickens, with space to roam in the day and a secure space for night. Considerations were to be given to storage of equipment, space for both outdoor mature chickens, and indoor chicks, a clubroom to accommodate up to 20 people and a staffroom/office. The site is located in a large family orientated park in Sheffield. I chose to put the hatchery at the end of the park, in order to become an end destination for anyone walking through the park, whilst also being slightly excluded from the high activity levels. 

Whilst researching chickens, I came across a charity called ‘Henpower’ which provides a space for the elderly to bring up chickens together in their spare time. Inspired by this, I designed the building based on the elderly in order to provide a space for activity to combat loneliness. The building is half submerged in the nature (the forest and the river at the end of the park), in order to allow for a relaxing space where the elderly can spend their time. The scheme focuses on framing views of the park and the chickens. The incubator room is combined into the club space, so the elderly can socialise together whilst viewing the hatching process.


P2- Theatre

 Sharrow Vale, Sheffield

 The brief for project two required me to design a small scale theatre on Neill Road, between Sharrow Vale and Eccasall Road in Sheffield. Particular attention was to be paid to how the façade addresses the street. The building was to incorporate a bar or cafe, performance space, backstage space, storage, toilets and office. 

After a joint neighbourhood study was carried out, I decided that a comedy club was the most appropriate type of theatre for this area in order to attract attention from the high-end Eccasall Road as well as families and students from Sharrow. I wanted the theatre to be split into two-areas that are visible from outside, and areas that are completely private within. The visible, lively bar and comedy club is placed on the top floor in order to be seen from both sharrow and Eccasall Road. Circulation is also visible.The large theatre and backstage is built within the windowless facade area. Other private areas stretch out to the visible areas covered in curved timber, the same as within the theatre space.


P3- Housing

Heeley, Sheffield

For the final project of the year, we were to design a housing development based off of our own manifesto. The scheme had to accommodate for family living as well as at least one the domestic group. All dwellings had to be accessible from ground level. Furthermore, there was to be a community interface. Specific attention was to be given to the street edge, spaces in between buildings, thresholds and clarity of ownership of land. 

My site is a piece of greenery used as a pathway, covered with irregular overgrowing trees. The site has two street edges, however they are on the show sides of the site. Because of this, my scheme has mainly pedestrianised street edges. 

My design focuses on angles of the buildings to provide overlooking where useful, and avoid it at other times. My manifesto explores intergenerational housing, where different generations support one another within the scheme. The elderly provide security in the day, while the families and young professionals provide safety for the elderly. Dining rooms look one another so there is always a point in the day when the neighbours see each other. The buildings are placed in parallel along the site with a large landscaped garden space in between, acting as a semi-private park. The community interface is a small cafe which allows access to the park area. Private gardens within the park are defined by trellis’ and planting. All dwellings have a private garden, either within the park area or as a west-facing terrace, or both. The scheme includes 12 dwellings in 8 buildings, with 4 different designs, plus a cafe and entrance/reception building.

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