Alicea Chia

P 1  |  C y c l e  C e n t r e

The brief was to design a cycle centre; a temporary structure that could accommodate facilities such as storage for up to 50 bicycles, a workshop, and cafe for the public, mainly commuters.  The proposed cycle centre acts as a community hub; a place in South Street Park the public would not just pass through.  Its strategic location is convenient for commuters heading in and out of Sheffield’s City Centre.


P 2  |  T h e  P u p p e t  T h e a t r e

The brief was to design a small scale community theatre, which responds to the existing conditions of the proposed site. It was to be a performance space of any sort, that could bring the community together; reviving the state of the neighbourhood.  A puppet theatre was proposed to bring the existing community of Attercliffe together, through the art and stories told through puppetry. 


P 3  |  P r e c e d e n t  S t u d y  

Prior to the Housing project, a group of us studied the Timberyard Social Housing in Dublin, Ireland.  This gave us a greater understanding of  how the type of housing had informed its architecture.  I had the opportunity of making a stop motion video as a more subjective form of evaluation for this study.  The video features the 2 bedroom flat and emphasises on how each space is used.


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[Click image for link to stop motion video]


P 3  |  H o u s i n g

The brief was to design a housing project with the notion of ‘the shared’ in mind.  This development had to accommodate the needs of families and other domestic groups, while responding to the context of Heeley, a neighbourhood south of Sheffield’s City Centre.  The proposed development adopts the idea of co-housing; a lifestyle which balances privacy and interaction.  This responds to the public or non-domestic characteristics of the buildings surrounding the proposed site. Leaning towards a self-sustaining community, growing becomes the heart of this project; bringing residents together on a daily basis.


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