Alice Latham


P1 Threshold

The brief for this project was to create a pit-stop bicycle hub in the rural area of Kelham Island, Sheffield. The site was situated along the River Don, which we felt was the threshold for the area as it divided the industrialised area on the outskirts of the city with the natural green space of our site. The bicycle hub cantilevers over the cycle path allowing cyclists to move freely under the building, whilst also providing raised views along the track in the café above.

P2 Theatre

Located in the vibrate Northern Quarter of Manchester, the Comedy club aims to add to the growing night life in the area by having intimate nightly performances. The site is located on the high-street and is subsequently surrounded by existing restaurants and bars, a comedy club seemed appropriate as the area was already aimed at an adult market. The glass curtain wall façade protrudes its neighbours, making it visible along the street whilst also providing panoramic views of the high street from the bar. There is a clear contrast between the use of materials and the different areas of the buildings. The main body of the building is made form Manchester red brick whilst the front façade is mainly glass to allow passers by to view the activities inside. The main auditorium is created from concrete board, creating a sense of intrigue for users as they move up the building into the visible concrete void.    




P3 Housing

For this project we were asked to create a housing scheme in the culturally diverse area of Burngreave in Sheffield. My site has previously been used as in industrial warehouse and was part of the Fairway works, with many of the neighbouring buildings still used for this purpose. My manifesto for the area was to create flexible housing that could be adapted as families grew up and their requirements from the spaces within the buildings changed. My scheme proposed two different types of housing; a dwelling for larger families over 3 storeys and then a smaller dwelling to the south over 2 storeys. The Timber frame construction allows for the internal stud walls to be reconfigured to create different internal layouts dependent on each families unique requirements. The scheme also includes a flexible craft space for local trades to sell and exhibit their work that is produced in Burngreave. The design and choice of materiality compliment the surrounding context whilst providing an uplifting atmosphere.

Alice Latham