Alice Brammer


Natural Beehive Inspired Apiary — Sheffield General Cemetery

Smoker Circle

In the overgrown, forgotten, setting of Sheffield General Cemetery I was set the task of creating a sustainable public building to educate the public on bee keeping and to provide the bee keepers with a space to make honey, and a base from which to organise their business. The challenges I faced were mainly to do with the hilly site and the large amount of trees which I wanted to retain. However, the trees actually inspired the final shape of my building as it curves around to avoid them.

I wanted to focus on the interaction between the public and the bees so designed a public through route which covered an existing path and allowed the bees to be seen in display hives along with information to educate the passers by on the project.




Materiality CircleTeenage Fiction Library — Darnall

Darnall is a poor suburb of Sheffield with a wide range of cultures but a disconnected feel, the main problems in the area are a high crime rate and a low level of education. Looking at these statistics I decided to create a library aimed at teenagers with the aim of keeping them out of gangs. The library has a floor which is dedicated to playing video games, to encourage teenagers to use the library with the intention that they will then start reading as well; the library stocks teenage fiction, especially based around the same themes as the video games. Extra classes will be run in the library to try to improve the level of education in the area but the main aim of the building is to provide a safe space where people feel comfortable; one of the main reasons children join gangs is because they don’t feel safe in their community. The form of the building and materiality were informed by the surroundings.






Flexible Lifetime Housing — Heeley

Exterior View Circle

The close knit community of Heeley, on the outskirts of Sheffield, is a well looked after area, but lacking identity. There is no defined center and very limited facilities. My site was located just behind a shopping street and is currently just a public through route. Based on the residents of Heeley and the family feel I decided to create flexible lifetime homes which can adapt with a family as it grows and changes.

For my community facility I decided to extend the flexibility of the houses by creating a rentable space for each house which can be used as a workshop, studio or an extension of the house such as a granny flat or teenagers bedroom.