Alice Appleby

Project 1

Creating a retreat for cavers before and after their adventures was the brief for our project, with the site being the nearby Peak Cavern in Castleton. With such a dramatic site, our structure had to be not only functional but also impressive. We took our inspiration for the form from the figure of eight knot, which is a life saving knot for cavers. This would represent a building which is a true lifeline for its users. With two main focal points (like the figure of eight knot) on two levels, our suspended building boasts stunning views of both the inside and outside of the cave, levitating at the threshold of the mouth of the cave.


Project 2

Creating a theatre in an area which is currently in regeneration in Ancoats, Manchester, was an exciting prospect. In choosing my genre of theatre, a modern twist on a cabaret-style set up came to mind. Not only is cabaret known for its glamour and audacity but it would bring liveliness to the site. Having different purposes in the day and night, the building could become a well-known landmark, hosting a range of activities. Whilst still being stage to some classic cabaret-style performances, with its versatile arrangement the theatre could offer its spaces to any types of drama or music in the evenings. In the day, locals could meet in the bar-turned-café and learn more about the excitement that the theatre has to offer.

Project 3

Our brief was to create a housing scheme on a certain site in Burngreave, Sheffield with our own  manifesto in mind. One major issue that I wanted to address in terms of housing and society is the incorporation of the elderly  into the community and so I based my manifesto upon intergenerational housing. It was a challenging site, on three different levels but with a beautiful view over Sheffield. Creating various sized units together in two blocks along with a versatile community building on the site would bring together all types and ages of people.