Alia Khalil Al-Alaweyat

P1 – Grow

Measure 1:1

Joint Project with Olivia Bailwaird

Hathersage, Sheffield

The brief for this project required the design of a small building for the Hathersage Allotment Group in the Peak District. The building was designed as a space dedicated to those who worked in the allotment, creating rooms for relaxation, potting, cooking, and cleaning. The project was designed to tie itself into the natural landscape, which was enveloped in the roof design and dark timber cladding. The building was located a safe distance from the allotment, and was tied in by the Hood Brook as a threshold in order to link the building with a bridge.

P2 – Interactive Children’s Library for Special Needs Children

Ropewalks, Liverpool

The brief for this project was to design a library associated with the given context of Ropewalks, Liverpool. I designed a building dedicated to Special Needs Children, with the incorporation of an interactive theme as to fit in with the interactivity of Ropewalks. The building includes private spaces for reading, learning, and exploring for children, while also allowing parental supervision on the second floor. To the front of the building on Bold street is a cafe, which is a guideline included in the brief.

P3 – Housing in Burngreave

Manifesto Project

Burngreave, Sheffield

For P3 we were tasked to explore Burngreave, Sheffield, a multi-ethnic and diverse community, and to develop a housing manifesto. I wanted to explore the concept of Flexible design, as I felt it described the concept of something temporary that lasts forever. Its the idea that the buildings can grow the same way that people do; people change and so do the circumstances. With this in mind, I focused on massing and fitting in the flexible housing principles which will distinguish itself from regular houses. I worked closely with the Resource Furniture precedent to help evolve my project with the interaction of foldable furniture in order to ensure a space-saving housing scheme that is also accessible.