Sectional Perspective

Alexi Chomyszyn

P1: Kayaking

For the first project I was set the task of designing a building for a kayak club. I was required to design kayak storage that allows for wet, large equipment,  indoor facilities to relax in, a launching area and sufficient changing and washing facilities. To begin with we researched equipment used in kayaking, and drew a 1:1 scale drawing of a person kayaking, this helped with knowing how large the storage space would have to be and gave an understanding of the activity. My site was situated next to the River Don, in a dense woodland. This created many design opportunities and challenges. I had to think of an appropriate response to such a site, therefore I decided a small timber structure that nestled into the site would be ideal. The woodland is used by dog walkers and occasional fisherman meaning the public response to the building had to be considered. I addressed this through the simple elevations that give nothing away to the public when the building isn’t in use, however when the building is in use the shutters open out to allow the public to access the courtyard. When considering the site I also had to think about the river, in terms of flooding, I have situated it far enough away from the river so only very extreme floods would impact it. Even in such an eventuality I have considered the materiality so that the wet areas, caused by kayakers and flooding, have stone flooring.





P2: Photography Library


For the second project I had to design a library, I interpreted this in a different way than a normal library after visiting the site. My site was in Attercliffe, which has a rich history, and was once a rather desirable place to live in Sheffield. However this is not the case nowadays. I gathered photographs of Attercliffe’s past glory and have compared them to today’s Attercliffe and this became my concept, a photography library. For the project I was required to design an urban façade, a front of house space and storage. However as I have chosen to design a photography library I have also included an exhibition space, a dark room for producing photographs, a digital archive space and a physical archive space. One of the driving design ideas centred around the dark room. Obviously this had to stay dark, however I wanted the public to be able to experience it, therefore I have created a viewing room system that means public can stand and watch as photographs are produced. I have designed the urban façade to contrast to the site. Attercliffe has many rows of shop frontages that include a glazed ground floor, this I intend to break up by pulling my ground floor out onto the pavement by a small amount. This should hopefully entice the public into the exhibition space on the ground floor.




P3: Housing

For the final project we were tasked with designing a housing scheme which was built up of two main housing types. After doing research for my manifesto I decided on designing for families and for elderly couples side by side. I intend to bring all generations, especially young children and the elderly, together through growing. The site was in Heeley, which is bordered by a churchyard and Sum Studios. I have tried to relate to the churchyard by creating a pedestrian route that cuts through the site, which can be used for a market, and leads to the church. My housing scheme is made up of a terrace, altering between housing types, behind the terrace are private gardens which step up into a shared growing space. I want the housing to be the only truly private part of the scheme, so the private gardens are enclosed by low walls, allowing neighbours to chat freely over them. Internally private barriers are broken down through the use of timber slats instead of walls, in some of the living areas, they divide the interior spaces up creating the idea of separate rooms.  I gathered a large inspiration from Amsterdam in regards to the front façade of the housing. The entrance ways will include an inlet that emphasises the door, breaks down the street façade, creates a private space in the public area and offers shelter.