Alexandra Martin





Kayaking is one of the most enjoyable activities. for both begginers and professionals, if offers freedom; an escpae from the realities of our world. It gives time to not worry but simply feel an adrenaline rush.

However, a large issue with kayaking is the long and monotonous process that is involed in getting there. from leaving your destination, to walking over unstable routes, to waiting for others to join you and getting changed and then changed again after behind cars. all this process turns the concept of kayaking suddenly as a less attractive means of escape.

My building is designed on the bases of what those activites are and in what ways those activities could be chanelled as a faded part of the experience rather than a burden.




I am proposing a design that derives from the idea of dispersion and it;s occurrence in reverse; explosion. This idea of dispersion is core to the design as an exterior structure. The darker materials fade out to ‘lighter’ materials. The inside presents the revere process of dissperssion; explosion. The circualtion and a gallery wrap around the theatre and all the spaces that are primarly allocated for it to run, making them busy spaces all at once, where all communtiy condenses together.

This is a community theatre, that is run by normal people, for normal people. It’s an open structure that invites everyone to celebrate and share art together everyday. It’s informal and easy to be a part of. it revistis and returns the initial idea of a theare; a place where stories and feelings are exchanged.











This project is aimed at redefining and highlighting 3 existing patterns in communities; commercial, residential, and green belts, all which are are already prexisting in heeley and need redefining.

I aim to reduce the age of first time buyers, by introducing afforable housing. This will be primarly apporached by creating and enhancing a community spirit, using cheaper and more durable materials, as well as increasing the density of the houses, and facilitating shared communal outdoors spaces to reduce costs.

Through shared communal spaces such as the parking and bicyle deck, or the shared sports center and gym as well as the eyecontact through the balconies and spaces facing each other towards the green belt,unity and a ‘community’ spirit will begin to form.