Portfolio | Alexander Harrison
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Alexander Harrison

SITE ANALYSIS (by Oliver Hartley).
Analysis of the site for studio ‘Fly’. Given the rural landscape, additional information such as the types of plants found within the site are provided.
TERRITORY task (by Oliver Hartley).
Density of white shading reflects that of the plant life (particularly heather) on the site.
1:1 scale drawing of a hang-glider harness. This drawing helps establish a sense of scale for the building and informs certain choices such as the amount of area to allocate for storage.
SECTIONS (by Oliver Hartley).
These sections help showcase the key interior spaces and their usage as well the vertical separation between the two units. By providing a unique level for the smaller building to exist on, a greater sense of privacy is achieved.
ELEVATION (by Oliver Hartley).
Elevation demonstrating the use of shuttering on the south-east face of the building. Notice also the interaction between the base of the large windows and the incline of the site.
3D representation of the building showcasing the choice of materials and construction methods. This image embodies all previous project elements from the form of the roof to the use of the surrounding areas natural colour pallet.
Internal and external (by Oliver Hartley) perspective drawings.