Alexander Furness


P1 – Observatory


Our brief for P1 was to design an observatory upon the top of Higgar Tor, in the Peak District National Park. From our initial site visit, we were struck by the rocky nature of the site and pursued a design concept based upon a fallen meteorite. The landscape of Higgar Tor was formed millions of years ago and so a sensitive nature to design was essential to ensure that our building successfully connects with its context. Our observatory serves as a learning centre and viewpoint for local school children in the day before transforming into an amateur star-gazers paradise come nightfall.



P2 – Theatre


Our brief for P2 was to design a performance space within Manchester’s creative Northern Quarter. I began  the project by evaluating my associations with the city and the culture of the North of England as a whole and so chose comedy as my medium of performance. I found my site to be somewhat unloved and neglected and sought to overturn these feelings through the design of an exciting building which would breathe new life onto the surrounding streets.



P3 – Housing


Our brief for P3 was to create a housing scheme in the Sheffield inner city area of Burngreave. This is a diverse neighbourhood with many social problems, so it was important to design a cohesive scheme that could bring different parts of the community together. In order to achieve this, I created the concept of “One House//Two Homes” whereby different generations of an intergenerational family can live amongst each other, but in a way that provides privacy and separate living spaces. The inclusion of shared social spaces such as the urban allotment and workshop, allows for the exchange of skills amongst the residents of the scheme and the wider community.