Alex Sims

 ‘Threshold’– Cycle Hire Centre

Sitting in the border of the white and dark peaks is Cave Dale, just outside of Castleton, Derbyshire.

The valley is overlooked by Peveril Castle- one of the oldest castles still standing. Our project was to design a cycle hire centre to sit within this steep, undulating landscape while having an attitude to ‘threshold’ and also towards the castle.

My scheme consists of a series of five timber boxes, decreasing in size, shielded by a large refelective canopy. Each box represents a logical step in hiring your bike and leaving with it. The main administration box frames the view of the castle, while the other boxes are private spaces, or look out into an internal courtyard, which is defined by the rock face. Acting as a boundary to the complex are the bikes; suspended between the boxes to create a colourful and efficient barrier for means of storage.


‘Perform’ – Community Theatre Project

Sitting on the main through route between the City Centre and Meadowhall, this upcycled theatre intends to create a community within the sparse and neglected area of Attercliffe.

The theatre is constructed purely of upcycled and low cost materials to promote social cohesion, and show that development within society can be cost effective and interesting. The scheme is unique in its approach; making use of a derelict sixteenth century pub and an old used car sales centre to provide a social hub, and a space for almost any kind of performance. The theatre will bring life to Attercliffe and provide custom for surrounding small businesses, in hope that they will use this extra revenue to develop their premises in a similar way.