Alem Derege

Year 2 Portfolio

P1 – Walkers’ Refuge

In collaboration with Max Bridge.

Walking can provide a sense of liberation and act as an escape from life’s burdens.

Enticed by the concept of thresholds and journeys we utilised various design strategies to create intricate passageways leading into and out of our structure, which for the most part is buried beneath the landscape in Peak District, with just hints of it rising above the surface. We felt strongly that the walker’s journey should not come to a sharp halt once they reach the sanctuary, but rather continue on through the building, a safe haven for those travelling.



P2 – A Poet’s Playhouse


As an avid fan, and occasional writer, of poetry from the outset I had my sights set on developing a platform for creatives to showcase their work, after being tasked with designing a theatre in a secluded part of Manchester’s otherwise bustling Northern Quarter. The intimate and cosy interior of the pod-shaped auditorium contrasts its bold exterior, which is framed by the facade. Downstairs is home to the box office, which has an oval opening to mimic the shape of the auditorium and a café area which doubles as a writing workshop space.



P3 – Cohousing


This final project required the ability to work on many areas of a holistic design scheme simultaneously, which presented a unique set of challenges. Inspired by my Ethiopian heritage, my scheme, located in Burngreave, focuses on uniting neighbours through sharing meals, by providing access to key amenities – namely a communal kitchen. The orientation of the houses creates dynamic spaces in between the dwellings, this, in addition to subtle changes in ground level and floor texture,  helps to produce a space which is fluid yet defined, without the need for harsh barriers.


Personal Sketches and Paintings