Alastair Porter


P1 was an exploration of the processes, techniques and spaces that make up the production of bread. Located on the inside of a meander, deep within the wooded Rivelin Valley, my scheme aimed to provide a tranquil setting within which traditional baking knowledge could be passed on. Space amongst the trees is scarce so the building is vertical and compact, designed to house as few functions as possible, instead with a veranda opening out across the river. Taking the form of a ‘chimney-house’ the different functions of the teaching bakery were split into separate rooms, which then rose like lightweight branches around the central chimney, using its mass to heat the spaces.



P2 grew out of a desire to find a way to draw the two disparate migrant communities within Darnall together. Choosing to design a community theatre, the project was an exploration of the spoken word and all it encompasses. Taking the form of a series of informal performance spaces through which you pass, it is intended to encourage community engagement by providing a relaxed and non-threatening space in which to perform.



P3 was about exploring our own ideas and notions on housing, both politically and pragmatically, through the development of our own manifesto on the sensitive issue. My scheme was an exploration of ideas surrounding social housing, providing flexibility in the design to allow for whole life inhabitation, alongside the role that self-building can play in achieving these goals.