Adam Tarasewicz

project one/wincobank winery

the process of wine making is uniquely complex – a set of restrictions and strict regulations require special areas. storage, labelling, wine pressing. i decided on putting all activities associated with wine production on the ground floor. the procession starts with a wine press, ending with an additional storage downstairs. also, on the lower ground floor, people can taste the produced wine and admire the view over Wincocbank. 


project two/vapour shadow dance theatre

dancing is a unique language that can be understood by anyone. this kind of communication seemed most appropriate to connect and create a dialogue between two adjacent streets – Ecclesall Road and Sharrow Vale Road. the first one – vivid, commercial contrasts with a quite, student accommodation packed road. as the Sharrow Vale Road was in the shadows of the parallel street I thought of embracing this notion by creating a shadow dance theatre. 


project three/daydream homeless housing

homelessness is a substantial issue in Sheffield. there are nearly 6000 people in need of housing. almost 50% are families. people can lost their homes within days because of the job reductions or landlords’ policies. it is vital to provide those families with appropriate housing option. the design consists of 7 flats and 7 maisonettes with interlocking double height spaces. the emphasis is put on the living areas in which families can relax – as soon as we feel comfortable in a space we can daydream. 


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