Adam Spreckley

From the Blood Moon on Higger Tor, to Poetry Slams in Darnall and Syrian Refugees in Heeley. Y2 at the SSOA.

Blood Moon/Slam/Refugee

P1- Lunar Education & Observation Facility


Many people go through most of their lives not paying much attention to the sky, and maybe on the off chance catching a glimpse of a strange red object up above on the way home from work. I am proposing to design a lunar observation facility that will play host to the next major lunar event.

The Blood Moon.

Deep within the Peak District near Burbage Valley, there exists our site- Higger Tor.  The site sustains a rugged lunar-esqe landscape with a near to perilous journey up a broken rock face to its summit. Set to be within view from Higger Tor on September 29th 2016, the site carries the potential to be a national gathering point for people all across northern England to come together for one special moment in time, to witness the Blood Moon.

By using the Blood Moon to drive my project, this facility not only accommodates for lunar education and astronomical intrigue on a daily basis, but also has a fundamental purpose. To bring people together to celebrate the moon.


P2- Slam Theatre

Taking into account the segregated and fragmented nature of Darnall and the sub-communities that reside there, a traditional shakespeare-esque theatre would not be at all appropriate for the site, as one might interpret the brief’s demands. What I believe to be more beneficial to Darnall, is a multi-functional creative space to act as a new social hub for a multitude of localized activities to take place. This will eventually encourage more inter-racial cohesion and community driven behaviour.

Darnall is lacking in  facilities for young people and those young people are at great potential  risk of poor social development. By invigorating a ‘Poetry Slam’ performance culture, kids have the opportunity to write poetry together and perform their works in a competetive setting to win over the live audience in an intimate and uplifting environment.

Poetry Slams, originally bought about in Chicago, were specifically aimed at school children, hoping to improve their confidence and self belief. This would over time reflect in their school work and fundamentally make them better human beings with real hopes and ambitions.


P3- Liberty Gardens

Housing for Syrian Refugees in Heeley, Sheffield

As the war in Syria rages on, it poses as one of the biggest humanitarian catastrophes in modern history. British government however, continue to face ongoing criticism concerning ther obligatory role in resettling Syrian nationals fleeing the conflict.

Britain’s pathetic effort to relocate 90 Syrian refugees is dwarfed by other European countries such as Germany and Sweden who have already resettled 20,000 and 9000 refugees retrospectivley. British government must resettle 10,000 Syrian nationals by the end of 2015 in order to meet its obligatory role in managing the refugee crises.

I am proposing a council led social housing scheme in Heeley, Sheffield, to offer asylum and commercial integration to 72 Refugees fleeing war-torn Syria.

But how could Heeley ever benefit from a mass foreign refugee influx?

By providing resettlement to those seeking refuge, new tenants will be presented with the opportunity to catalyse a new culture of entrepreneurship within Heeley. Tenants will be able to live and work in the same place, taking part in on site carpentry that would benefit the area on a community driven level.

I believe that these prospective tenants will kick start a culture of ‘Manufacturing’ and trade amongst the existing demographics around Heeley, invigorating the pop-up shop specifications outlined in my Master plan, originally dedicated to get locals into trade and thus making Heeley predominantly more independent.