Adam Johnson

p1. threshold

Located near Burbage in the Peak District, at an abandonded quarry, the Observatory nestles itself within the barren landscape atop the quarry, with views out across the Peaks. The threshold between the natural environment and human intervention is an obvious one, with the imposing quarry face adopted by nature over time. Stargazing fanatics and amateurs alike can meet, socialise, and enthuse over the stars within this Observatory. Lectures and classes can be held within, and the roof opened for viewings through the mounted telescope. Outside, an amphitheatre style space allows stargazers to set up their telescopes and wonder at the night sky, whilst sheltered from the harsh wind. The building provides sleeping facilities for those cold, cloudy nights in a warm room set within the Peaks themselves. Within this project I explored natures reaction to the man made, and how over time, it reclaims them into this overwhelming landscape.



p2. perform

The decline of Sheffield’s steel industry has left pronounced imprints on communities living amongst its industrial heritage, leaving breaks in society. Such scars are clearly evident in the area of Attercliffe, where the new Theatre bridges social and cultural gaps through the performing arts. A mixture of the arts are expressed within this building, where it sits as an extension of the built public realm. Performance spaces for theatre production, the spoken word, music, and film offer a broad range of entertainment and joy for all. The building protrudes towards the now redundant Adelphi Picture Theatre, a once bustling centre for social interaction, it is again brought to life through projections of film and picture filling an external wall.