Abigail Yeboah

P1: Observatory 

We were to design an observation facility located in the Peak District, Sheffield. The idea behind the design of the observatory was so that both people with little to no knowledge of observatories and scientists could come and get informed, and further their knowledge and research. The design was inspired by the rock type in Higger Tor, named millstone grit. The idea being the observatory rooted and blended into its landscape so as to not become an eyesore.

P2: Library

For Project 2, our task was to design a library for the Ancoats Community, Manchester. The facade of the design was important as it needed to blend into the streetscape of the surrounding buildings. I defined my library as an Art Library, due to Manchester’s rich history in Art, and the surrounding murals that were in Ancoats. It would be a place were the students and local families could go and partake in art shows, use the technology in the library to better their work and become inspired by the local art that would be exhibited there. In essence, the Library would bring the local community together and thus create an integrated and vibrant community in Ancoats.




P3: Housing

The housing project required us to design a Housing project for families and a domestic group in Burngreave, Sheffield. I took the approach of designing intergenerational housing and single parent dwellings for the community in Burngreave.