Abigail Verlaan


Project 1 | Community Building | A Place to Forage

Located in Gleadless, the Foraging Centre sits opposite Hang Bank Wood and is visible as a floating industrial hub amongst the trees. Hosting kitchen facilities and a learning room, the foraging centre not only allows education on foraging to spread but the boardwalk through the trees acts as a destination for dog walkers and amblers, creating spontaneous relationships between the community and the landscape.


Project 2 | Theatre Project | A Place to Express

Grande jeté: noun [BALLET] – A great leap performed with one leg stretched backwards and the other leg extended forwards of the dancers body, straddling between the previous and next move

Located in Attercliffe, the Grande Jeté ballet theatre aims to provide a learning facility for the community as well as a place to acquire revenue that can be reinvested back into the town. Instead of shying away from Attercliffe’s many boarded up shop fronts, I decided to play on this and instead have a boarded up frontage demonstrating the past, present and future of the space behind the boards. The ballet theatre I designed has an urban facade which embraces the idea of a broken up façade being informative yet ambiguous.



Project 3 | Housing Scheme | A Place to Grow

The creation, storage and distribution of food has been, and can again become, a construct for the practice of everyday life.” – CJ Lim

Located in Heeley, the designed housing scheme aims to inject pride back into an area, which currently lacks a sense of identity as identified through a neighbourhood study project. The housing scheme is focused around the notion of subsistent permaculture living with a communal approach to space. By encouraging residents to grow their own food and share skills acquired with the Heeley community, a sense of identity and self worth will increase and as a result this will reduce existing local tensions.