Aaliyah Lawal

P1: Bicycle Hub Killer-drawing-small Project 1 was a 4-week long paired project I completed with Ranti Ehinmola that focused on the threshold of a building and challenged the importance of distinguishing one place from another. The brief was to create a bicycle hub in a rural part of Kelham Island, Sheffield, that would serve as a pit stop while presenting an appropriate response to the site. The quiet but unruly nature of the site became an important factor of the design, resulting in a small building cladded in aluminium that stood lifted on stilts in the trees. We created this illusive nature in an attempt to preserve the peaceful and natural atmosphere of the location by allowing our building to simultaneously be a secretive bicycle hub and a seamless part of the site itself.


P2: Theatre


Project 2 was to design a theatre in Ancoats, Manchester. As the heart of a community, the project was focused on building a relationship to the rest of the streetscape that found a balance between displaying the theatre’s eye-catching social importance and its appropriateness for the area. To create definition in my site, I designed a magician’s theatre as my genre type and utilised architectural illusions to create a sense of wonder and transportation to an supernatural place. While during the night the building would be used as a theatre, to create a stronger invitation to the community during the day, the workshop space invites people to learn their own magic tricks.


P3: Housing



Project 3 was to design a housing project in Burngreave, Sheffield that relieved the strained of the housing crisis for a certain demographic of people while also featuring a communal element. For my manifesto I choose to address the refugee housing problem in an effort to provide affordable places to live that didn’t leave the refugees isolated from the rest of the community. In addition to this, I wanted to create respectable private areas that evoked a sense of ownership and provided a secure basis for starting a new life. Consequently, I merged micro housing and co-housing to create temporary places to live that give the refugees an opportunity to integrate into a new culture.



Aaliyah Lawal