Roxana Ungurenus

Year 2 Projects

Roxana-Gabriela Ungurenus


P1 – Threshold

The purpose of this project was designing a small building in a landscape acting as a hub for landscape photographers looking for a place to relax and develop their photos. Our concept was creating a design that would replicate the experience a landscape photographer would have – climbing rocks and turning around in search for views.

Project in collaboration with Dang Viktoria.

Site analysis – Territory task – Design process

Measure task – Concept diagram – Circulation diagram

Abstract planning – Ground floor plan – First floor plan


Views – Killer drawing by Viktoria – Killer drawing by Roxana

P2 – Library

The second project of the year focused on creating a medium sized public building in Ropewalks, Liverpool. In designing a library, I questioned how it would reflect the society and the trends of this century where information can be accessed anywhere. The media library brings the user on a journey through the history of communication and sharing information – starting with the digital era and going back to the old, dusty book libraries. The building is thus targeting a great amount of users while embracing diversity and freedom of choice  – principles that the 21st century relies on.

Site analysis – Context studies

Design concept – Design process – Site plan

Floor plans

Sections – Elevation

Approach – Facade & landscape design – Shape in context

Digital library – Magazine & newspapers – Book library

P3 – Housing

The last project of the year was designing a housing scheme in the Burngreave neighbourhood in Sheffield. Through this project I aim to bring together single parent families and two parent families in a cohousing scheme designed to suit their needs and to promote interaction. By creating a community kitchen and a shared courtyard, the families can interact through preparation of food and therefore create a strong bond with each other. The design also adds a few on site services to make families’ life easier.

Burngreave sketches – Site analysis – Spatial strategy

House types & initial sketches – Site plan – Level 0

Level 1 – Level 2 – Level 3

Sections & elevations – Axo – Model pictures

Sectional perspective – Approach view & close-up elevation


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