Will Kreibich

P1 Kayak Centre
Sheffield City Kayak club are currently located in the Kelham island area in Sheffield, situated on the banks of the River Don. The brief for the first project of second year was to design a new centre for the Kayak Club to occupy. The centre would be located further up the river from Kelham Island on the  site of the old, demolished, Neepsend Power station. The power station was decommissioned in 1976, and demolished shortly after, the remnants of the station form the landscape that exists today. The former industrial focus of the area formed the concept for my Kayak Centre. Taking the threshold of industry and nature that exists at the site, I translated it into underground and above ground and creating a clear definition between the two.

P2 Performance

Darnall is a multicultural suburb of Eastern Sheffield which has slowly fallen into decline over the last couple of decades, as a result we were tasked with the design of a new community theatre which would bring a somewhat diverse community together as one.

Magic has been around for thousands of years, however in the past few years it has become more and more popular, with the rise of street magicians who are starring on TV. This has inspired the younger generation who are looking for a place to see and learn the art first hand. That is why I decided to create a theatre for magic in the centre of Darnall. 




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