The Playground

A Perspective drawing of the shared playground between the houses.

As part of the evolution theme, I have incorporated a series of shared spaces within the site, which exist between the dwellings. The idea is that as children evolve and grow older they move to a different space.
Here is the evolution process:

1) Age 0-4 The protected garden space in each dwelling.
2) Age 5-8 The playground
3) Age 9-13 The basketball court
4) Age 14+ The firepit

The spaces are designed to cater for what a child what ideally want at that age. At 14 years old, you begin to stop wanting to play and instead want to socialize. The firepit can be enjoyed as a social hub both when it is lit and when it is not. I have decided that 14 is a sensible age to trust children with the dangers of fire. If the site occupants collaboratively disagree there is the option to cover the firepit and only use it for special occasions.

The idea is that during the Annual Heeley Festival, hosted at Millennium Park, the fire pit hosts a campfire party with circus acts and acoustic camp fire performances. This will help to unite Gregory Road Park with the more popular Millennium Park which exists just North West of the site.

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