The Manifesto

Housing should be designed to grow with the occupants. A site should provide amenities for this and housing should adapt.

This project is all about providing good quality, sustainable housing for evolving families. Specifically, it is designed to suit growing chidren with the intention of catering for their needs as they develop over time. The site will offer spaces specifically designed for specific age groups of children.

The evolution concept stretches to the building fabric itself which will be able to be constructed and deconstructed easily ,meaning that the position of dwellings on the site may change over time. The homes are prefabricated so can be factory made and lifted into site.

In order for evolution to occur it is essential to think sustainably. If we are not environmentally responsible we are essentially de-evolving. The housing will be able to generate electricity off grid, there will be localised greywater harvesting systems and highly insulated walls. There will be a strong communal sustainable ethos with policies on recycling.

In order for children to evolve they need to be given a certain level of freedom. The scheme ensures the environment is safe enough for children to play and grow whilst allowing for parents to watch from inside the homes with large amounts of glazing.

The evolution of a community relies neighbourly interaction. There should be garden spaces with spots neighbours can converse. The site needs to bind the residents and this is done through community projects or privileges.

The aim is to unite these ideas with the principle of making the scheme an inviting gateway to Gregory Road Park in attempt to to develop the area and make it as popular as the recently developed Millennium park.

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