P3 House details

House details

Approaching the front door.

1. Bin storage facility

2. Recycling bins – The homes follow a strict recycling regime that must be obliged in order for the waste disposal system to be effective. The bins are taken to the bin station once a week and the bin bags are emptied into the corresponding bins.

3. Larch cladding – mirrors the larch fences which exist around the edge of the site – sourced in the Peak District.

4. Pine window frames sourced in the Peak District.

5. Peeking window designed for two way interaction with visitors

6. Letter box

7. Package tray – opens to allow for larger packages to be delivered.

8. Sheffield Stainless Steel door handle

9. Dark grey composite door

10. Greeting floor mat for guests to wipe their feet

11. The entrance is recessed so you feel like you are entering the building on approach

Interior of open plan living/kitchen/dining space.

The double height living space includes:
– Granite kitchen worktop
– Logs for the installation of a fireplace if the occupant wishes
– Mezzanine Balcony
– Double height window
– Hanging lights
– Viewing window from the mezzanine.

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