Raluca Turcu

Throughout my second year at the University of Sheffield I questioned the extent to which an architect should design a space by exploring how much a client should be involved in the process and how flexible the resulting space should be to accommodate for future unpredicted uses. By tackling larger scale projects on challenging sites I was […]

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Alastair Porter

P1 // LEAVENING P1 was an exploration of the processes, techniques and spaces that make up the production of bread. Located on the inside of a meander, deep within the wooded Rivelin Valley, my scheme aimed to provide a tranquil setting within which traditional baking knowledge could be passed on. Space amongst the trees is […]

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Vlad Bodogan

P1: Observatory The P1 brief was focused on the creation of a temporary observatory on Higger Tor, site situated in the Peak District, Sheffield. The proposed construct contains a meeting/ educational room, connected with the mezzanine floor, where a telescope can be used through the dome opening. Moreover, it can accommodate up to 2 people […]

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Charlie Perriam

Burbage Observatory Projecting over an old quarry in a popular area of the Peak District the scheme for a ‘semi-permanent’ observatory is designed to accommodate the University of Sheffield Astronomy Department’s need for a ‘less urban’ facility than the one they currently use. The remote context of the Burbage Valley, situated a 30 minute bus […]

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