Felix Cousins

P1  Higger Tor Observatory ___________________________________________________________________________ Sitting on the rim on the Burbage Valley, the Higger Tor Observatory is facility where schoolchildren can come to learn about the universe that surrounds them.The Base Camp building accommodates the offices, toilets, projection room and teaching space; and frames the view of the Satellite building on the crest of the hill. Thetransparent […]

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Louise Gillett

  Visitors centre and observatory in the Peak District that has sloped steps built into the exterior façade of the building enabling people to walk up to the roof to stargaze or use it as an elevated viewing platform.                            Children’s library in a Sheffield neighbourhood designed like a maze […]

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Douglas Baldwin

P1 Higger tor is a rugged hill top within the peak district. after an afternoon stroll from the pub, a boggy hike or a rock climb. you reach a large incline that leads the top of Higger tor. Uncompromising views around for miles and sculptural rock formations litter the Tor. making it an area of […]

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Nicole Williams

P1. Observatory My allocated subject for the first project was Astronomy, with the objective being to design an observation facility located on Higger Tor. Jagged rocks conflict with the soft heather to the north of the site, creating a juxtaposition I wanted to integrate into my design. I also wanted to contribute to the rock […]

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Victoria Tong Tsz Ying

  P1Nebula Observatory             |            P2Blackout Theatre      |                  P3Homeless Housing During second year, the three main projects have ascending scales and distinctive contexts; I have tried different approaches and visions in the projects in order to discover my […]

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Xingjian Fan

 2015-2016 This temporary architecture sits in the landscape of the Peak District as an observatory. With a space-craft-like ring geometry, it tries to explore how programmes in vehicle can be applied on portable architecture. This ring also enables it to capture and appreciate the constantly changing view in the landscape. The Food library sits in […]

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James Chapman

P1 – The Observatory: The brief for P1 was to design an observatory that sat atop Higger Tor in the peak district. As well as the observation facility itself, the design had to include; overnight accommodation for two people, a small multipurpose clubroom for up to twenty people, a tea point and separate wc, a […]

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Zhikun Wu ( Jeremy)

P1: The Temple of Astronomy The astronomy activities were combined with the religious ritual in ancient age. Not only chasing for the truth of the universe but also comforting the spiritual needs of people. Based on this point, I designed an observatory at Peak District with the ritual process.   P2: The Theatre of Theatre The theatre is located […]

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Zoë Georgiadis

Programme 1: Observation Brief: A Place to Observe the Cosmos Higger Tor, located in the Peak District just outside of Sheffield, is remote and distant from urban light pollution. This provides the ideal destination for using telescopes to observe and study the stars, moon and planets. The key facility is an observatory in which a […]

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Ryan Sinnott

P1 – Observatory For our P1 project we were tasked with designing a space for observation on Higger Tor, an area in the Peak district. I designed an observatory that focused on engaging the public and promoting discovery, instead of a single high power telescope like the one we studied in the Hicks building, I […]

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